I will read your AKASHIC records 2 questions and do Chakra clearing

read your AKASHIC records 2 questions and do Chakra clearing

About This Gig


In this GIG  I will read your Akashic Records and answer 2 questions and do Chakra balancing. 

You will get the readings and the results of the Clearings in a PDF / Word format. 

This GIG is for you, if You need some:

-         Direction in your life?

-         answers to your questions regarding your career

-         help to step forward

-         help with personal / psychic development

-         Energy clearing and balancing


You can receive guidance, experience healing and most importantly, find connection to truth.

You bring your questions, this is the beginning. The Masters, Keepers and Loved Ones respond.

Questions like,

-          How do I find connection with myself?|

-          What do I fear about failing?|

-          Where do I need to focus?

-          What do I need to shift?|

Distant Reiki: Promotes self-healing, balances energies & revitalizes. Help you heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Chakra Clearing: freeing stagnant energy: prevent blockages from forming, physical symptoms of these blockages from appearing.

Please, do not purchase GIG extra with fast delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Disclamer - Akashic Records Reading
    Readings are for personal insight and spiritual growth purposes only they are not meant to be a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment.
  • Disclamer - Clearings, Reiki
    Readings & Reiki should never be confused for medical advice that should be provide by a licensed Physician. Readings and Reiki can not diagnose or give treatment for any medical condition. You should seek the professional advice of a Doctor that is licensed and trained to serve you.