I will clean up your logline

clean up your logline

About This Gig

A log line is a one (two max) sentence summary of your screenplay.

There are an extremely crucial component of marketing your screenplay. It is what grabs readers attention and makes them want to (or not want to) read your screenplay.

It's imperative your logline is clear and concise, not a paragraph explaining the entire film.

I always keep my loglines at one sentence (two if need be), including what is only absolutely essential to the story.

If you are struggling with your logline ie;  too long or too short, you are struggling with streamlining your story or you simply don't know how to structure or write it, I can help with that.  And in a relatively short turnaround.

Don't hesitate to make your logline the best it can be and place your order.

Thanks for checking out my gig.