I will give you feedback on your short story

give you feedback on your short story

About This Gig

Send me your 2500-word short story and I will provide feedback via track changes, as well as a 500-word summation of my feedback. I will address language, plot, characters, figurative language, and conflict.

In addition to those elements, I will also help you take your writing to the next level by focusing on the following:

1. Creating an emotional connection to the reader. Effective short fiction has to create some kind of emotional resonance. This is done through language and characterization. I will help you identify places in your fiction where you do that, as well as were you can add that.

2. Making your writing stand out. I will identify areas in which you can take your writing to the next level and be noticed, including pointing out possibilities for non-traditional sequencing, guiding you through the use of poetic devices to make your language sing, and advising on use of metaphors and symbols.

As an editor of a literary journal, I have a keen sense of what makes some writing "stand out." I'm a published short story writer (I've been called "a risk-taker," "skillful," and that I "imbue [my] characters with the flaws and failings that made it easy to relate to them"). 

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