I will coach you in profitable options TRADING

coach you in profitable options TRADING

About This Gig

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I'll be your coach in trading weekly options mainly on the SPX, not for fun, but for serious steady income.
The method we will be using is outlined in my book "Dynamic Trading with Weekly Options", enhanced by some more insights after publishing.
The basic gig of $5 is for initial evaluation. After that, one week is $150. If you book a whole month it is only $500. Please ask for a custom order, as fiverr is a bit inflexible on these terms.
Included is UNLIMITED real time contagct via telegram (my favourite messaging app) or a messenger app of your preference.
I am NOT a registered trading advisor, but I have 30+ years of experience as an ex-investment banker. I will show you all my trades in real time which you can mirror as you like. 
Currently, I am using a more relaxed trading style in doing spreads with 5 to 10 days max till expiration. There may be one or two trades a day, or there may be no trade for two or three days, depending on the market situation. Target return is >10% per month on utilised capital. Usually, we will achieve a lot more.
Before ordering, please check for open slots, because I will NEVER take more than 3 clients at the same time.