I will enhance your photos

enhance your photos
enhance your photos
enhance your photos

About This Gig

So you made some nice shots with your cam but still not happy. You don't wanna have to browse hundrets of photo enhancement apps and don't really have a clue about Photoshop? Don't worry! Here's what I can do for only 5$:

  • I will enhance up to 5 photos by adjusting brightness, contrast, color saturation/balance, exposure and any other process to make them look better
  • I will add filters and special effects if they make sense (tilt shift, pimple eraser, skin softening, etc.)
  • I won't share any of your photos and will delete them after they have been sent back to you

Please note that the results strongly depend on the original quality of your photos! I will try and do my best for a great outcome, but I'm no magician.

btw...all the example photos you see above have been shot with my iPhone and edited by myself using a number of apps!