I will format your plain text

format your plain text

About This Gig

Word processing isn't everyone's thing. Daily I see documents that look horrible and messy instead of nice and structured.

I don't like chaotically composed stuff. I like clean documents that kinda make sense at first sight. And it's not that hard to do, really ;-) Let someone do it for you!

So...what I can do for only $5:
  • I will format your plain text file, give it a pleasant type face (using a standard font!), make it look nice and lucid
  • I won't discuss or change any content of your text. Even your typos will still be there when I'm done
  • Text only! I'm not doing graphical layouts (I might offer that as an extra gig in the future)
  • Two pages maximum, with a common font size
  • I prefer English or German documents, so I can understand the content. That might be important to do a proper formatting
  • Every document will be handled 100% confidential and will be deleted after my work is done

btw...I'm working with Apple Pages. If you have that too, you'll probably be even happier after you received the formatted file.