I will make your podcast sound professional

make your podcast sound professional

About This Gig

Is your podcast not loud enough, lacks quality or your presenters voice lacking that final touch? Let me help out, I know how to professionally boost your show! I've been working in music production, podcasts and radio for many years.

What I will do for only 5$:

  • I will mix down up to 3 audio tracks to the right levels (for example Music + Voiceovers + Jingles)
  • I will master the whole thing to give it an appealing finish

Say goodbye to "the music is too loud, I can't hear what you're saying".

Please note:

  • Keep the podcast length to 60 minutes maximum
  • My working processes include EQing, compressing, limiting and anything else that needs to be done to make your podcast sound perfect for publication. I work with professional legally licenced software and plugins
  • I will need separate audio files in premaster condition. So please give the wave forms enough headroom and don't assign any dynamics plugins at your end. Otherwise I might not be able to do a good job
  • The result of my work depends on the quality of the material you'll send me in the first place. Meaning, if your voiceovers have smartphone quality, I can't make them sound professional. I'm not a magician ;-)

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