I will give you notes on your TV pilot

Really helpful notes! You know your stuff! Will be using again for re-writes and further projects.
Reviewed by jforjustin about 2 years ago
give you notes on your TV pilot

About This Gig

Everybody knows - there are two foolproof ways to fame and fortune in the 21st century: 

1) Create a hit TV show!
2) Charge others $30 to help them create a hit TV show and hope to go along for the ride!

I'm not taking any chances - I'm aggressively pursuing all options.

For $30, I am offering to buy my way into your circle of trust by giving you honest and industry-appropriate feedback on your TV pilot script (Comedy up to 35 pages), while giving myself a legitimate excuse to not be doing any screenwriting of my own.

It's a win-win situation at a bargain price!

I'll give you notes on:

  •  Structure (such as: A B and C Plots and Act Breaks)
  •  Characters 
  •  Story
  •  Spelling and Grammar (up to a point! You should not be sending out screenplays littered with mistakes, not even on here, ponyboy)
  •  Logic
  •  Series potential 
  •  Missed opportunities for jokes
  •  Anything else that needs attention

I have a degree in screenwriting and experience working in script development for some of Hollywood's favourite producers.

My notes are thorough and "good" (client quote. Spoiler alert: his screenplay lacked imagination).

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6 days delivery

Notes on TV script

Full notes on TV script - structure, characters, story, series potential, logic, spelling, jokes