I will write you dinosaur jokes for $5

write you dinosaur jokes
write you dinosaur jokes

About This Gig


Oh, hello! Sorry, I was just laughing at a funny dinosaur joke I wrote.

Do you want some of your very own? I'll write you 7 dinosaur jokes for $5


If you're up for a surprise, I'll mix it up a little and write you some great:

- Yo Mama Jokes
- Pornographic Proverbs (not for kids!)
- Retard Pick-Up Lines
- Jokes on request

Not sold? Here's a sample:

Why did Timmy the Dinosaur believe in aliens?
Because he was a Scientologist!!!!!  
- Dinosaur Joke

Yo Mama so fat, she doesn't skip meals!
- Yo Mama Joke

Is your father a thief? Because I saw him being arrested.
- Retard Pick-up Line

Showers are golden.
- Pornographic Proverb