I will read you a card intuitively

read you a card intuitively

About This Gig

I draw a card intuitively from the art-therapy oracle deck made of 54 cards. This deck does not come with a book, so it is based on my capacities as an intuitive reader. I always get included an exercise to do in order to understand better the meaning of the card in our life in that specific moment.

Sometimes Archangels appear but it is not a must, depends very much on the person, the moment you are living and the energy I get from you. 

I don't answer specific questions I give you a path that you can follow in order to fulfill your mission in this very moment.
Every reading is taken with love and with energy healing in the background. The exercises I suggest come from Intuition and sometimes can be meditations, physical movements, a practice like painting or dancing, and many other possibilities. I will write the answer on one pdf page.

I really hope that this reading will open your eyes and heart to see the reality in a more deep way, that it awakens your being to its soul purpose and may the light shine through you to help you heal others.