I will find You Manufacturers In China For Any Product You Need

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find You Manufacturers In China For Any Product You Need
find You Manufacturers In China For Any Product You Need
find You Manufacturers In China For Any Product You Need
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About This Gig

***I will research manufacturers in China for any product you need***

What's Included in a $5 Gig -  I will research, shortlist and qualify suppliers for you, I will send you a Proposal with breakdown of:

  • Registered Company Name & Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone/Skype
  • Official Website
  • Real factories who have a proven track record

I am a Level 2 Seller - 7+ years experience in the industry on OEM and ODM private labelling. Don't waste your time & money anywhere else. I attend overseas trade shows annually to meet my manufacturers! I am an original seller, be wary of copycats.

***My service & expertise can save you money on production-costs whilst giving you a great opportunity for new business with any category of product you need***


  • Contacting suppliers for you, I will negotiate price, minimums and shipping
  • Give 1 - 1 consulting by Skype - let's arrange a call
  • Create you personalised emails to send to your suppliers so no work for you
  • Quality control inspections
  • Find top performing products or niche on Amazon I research the best products sell and manufacturers to buy from

Please message me to discuss any project or questions!

Order Details

Find you the best supplier in China

For any product you need you will get 3 supplier/manufacturer contacts

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you help with private labelling?
    Yes! this is my area of expertise, I have a tremendous amount of passion and experience in private labelling products, from design, branding and custom packaging. If you enquire about a private label project and place an order I will offer free packaging manufacturers to say 'thank you' to you.
  • How do you find manufacturers?
    I make use of my 7 years worth of factory contacts, I've worked with hundreds of products ranging from all types of categories, therefore I have direct contacts with factories and suppliers for a huge range of products. I also attend China sourcing trade shows annually.
  • Can you provide Ethical factory and supplier contacts as I feel strongly towards acting in the best interests of others globally?
    Yes! absolutely! I have experience with working with factories and suppliers who have full factory audits by third party inspection firms, child labor, minimum wages, working conditions, health and safety checks are rigorously checked by external companies.
  • Can you source Eco and certified Organic products?
    Yep! I have been working with certified Organic factories in China and India, Eco, degradable, recyclable products and materials which range from cotton bags, notebooks, paper bags, bamboo baby clothes and accessories to the inks, dyes and prints used when branding and printing products with motifs