I will give a 15 minute interview on Parental Abduction

give a 15 minute interview on Parental Abduction

About This Gig

I will grant a telephonic interview regarding Parental Abduction as a cite-able source for 15 minute increments. The intended use should be for term papers, writing projects, research projects and the like. 

I have two personal experiences to draw from: One is an International Abduction from Europe to the USA when I was a child. The other is my own daughter's abduction by her father over a custody issue. You are free to chose which topic that you wish to discuss. 

What I have to offer can shed a little light on legalities but is not meant as legal advice. This is for the purpose of interviewing someone for your project who has actually seen, felt, and lived the consequences for Parental Abduction.

Each interview block is 15 minutes. 

Order Details

3 days delivery

Telephonic Interview regarding PA

I will grant a 15 minute interview on the Subject of Parental Abduction

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I ask a very personal question?
    I am comfortable speaking about most things. If there is something a little too personal to answer please have an alternate question available.
  • How many questions can I ask in a 15 minute block?
    Please allow for two questions and responses in that time.
  • Can I record a session for my purposes?
    Yes you can use a recording for transcribing your project, but I retain the right to my actual voice, choice of words and massage. I will not approve replay at this time.
  • How long is an interview block?
    15 minutes each.
  • What if I need more time in my interview?
    Please buy plural blocks :-)