I will website Scrapping to Excel with VBA

Sam is a special guy for special tasks. Glad to work with him!
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website Scrapping to Excel with VBA
website Scrapping to Excel with VBA
website Scrapping to Excel with VBA

About This Gig

Pls message me before ordering with the requirements


I will be able to Do any level of automation in MS Excel

- Work on new requirement
- Correct existing Excel macro
- Create Automated report
- Format an Excel sheet
- Send Automated email

Requests in Microsoft Excel including:

- Project management Dashboard 
- consolidate multiple files to one file.. with one click
- Macro : VBA - Visual Basic programming
- Automate form filling
- Automatically login to a web site
- Automatically Search for a topic..
- Formula (even creating custom ones), function
- Pulling specific web content 
- Reorganizing data from the web to csv format
- Button, drop-down, form
- Export /import CSV
- Convert any file to Excel (PDF, Word, scanned, etc.)
- Invoice and company quote template

All for just under 5$

- Auto mailer ( Compose and email and send out automatically)
- Unattended website form filling and navigation

  • Advance macro correction.

  • Refer any website - and worried/thought - If I could have that automation.

  • if yes.. I am your guy to help out and customize to your needs


Satisfaction Guaranteed