I will provide you a reiki session at distance

provide you a reiki session at distance

About This Gig

Do you (or any of your family members or friends) feel down, sad, depressive, suffer from anxiety, chronic pain or are receiving treatment for some health issue? I can help you feel better through holistic energy therapy (Reiki).

I am certificated in Reiki (Mikao Usui, 2nd level, by Reiki Master Carla Marcelino) and would be happy to send healing energy to you (as you can confirm by reading official papers, Reiki therapy can be done at distance).
I have several options for you, all are done at distance at a time and date previously combined with you:

  • standard treatment (consists of simply sending Reiki energy to you at a specific time) - 1 gig (5$)
  • full individual therapy session (takes min. 40 minutes, consists of treating all relevant points of body and mind, including alignment of chakras and aura cleansing with crystals (gig extra - 15$)
  • standard treatment - Pack: this option allows sending energy to you and up to 4 additional people (friends or family) at a special price (gig extra - 10$)

The treatments can be done on the same day you order (except individual session), but also on any other day that you indicate, it is convenient to be available to relax while receiving Reiki.