I will be your virtual travel guide in Kolkata

be your virtual travel guide in Kolkata

About This Gig

I shall be your virtual travel guide of the City of Joy for a day!
Kolkata is a beautiful city, once you understand and get to know it's essence. From the narrow dingy lanes of Chitpur in North Kolkata to the religious outings at the temple of Kalighat... the beautiful grounds of Maidan... to the spiritual meditating room at Belur Math.. Kolkata has them all.
You can not experience Kolkata unless you are out on the streets... walking, sweating and absorbing the sights and scenes.
For a visitor, this is a bit difficult. But then, Kolkata has a very good and pocket friendly transport system.

Do not fret, I shall guide you. Let me know which part of Kolkata you seek and I shall make your travel plans accordingly within a day.

So go out on the streets where you can feel my city's heart beating