I will give you a movie recommendation

give you a movie recommendation
give you a movie recommendation

About This Gig

Do you hate when you're sitting down to relax for the evening and you just can't decide what to watch? Too many options? Just totally lost? I am offering a movie recommendation tailored to your personal needs. Let me know what kind of thing you're into, and I will help you pick the next thing to watch. 

Some relevant information you may choose to include could be:
  • Context of the movie watching (e.g. a date, by yourself, with your conservative grandparents, etc.)
  • Other movies you like
  • Actor preference
  • The length of movie you want to watch
  • What genre you're in the mood for
  • Rating 
  • Subject matter you'd like to see or avoid
  • Anything else you feel is relevant.

What makes me worth your fiver? Well, I am currently in my final year of a degree in Film Studies, and even when I'm not in class I spend most of my time watching movies. In 2014 alone I have already watched over 30 films. I am the one who my friends, family, and coworkers go to when they need ideas about what to watch next. 

So, why not take a chance? 

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