I will teach you how to be a better golfer

teach you how to be a better golfer
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About This Gig

I have given over 10,000 hours of Video Golf Lessons and with current technology, you can send me a video and receive the same instructional wisdom that all of my students have enjoyed over the years. The 15 minute gig will include: I will send you a "Golfer Profile" so I can understand your goals, followed by a Professional Video Analysis of your golf video, an understanding of why your golf ball does what it does, ways to improve and get back in the fairways! I love golf and helping others improve. If you follow the program and practice as I instruct, you will improve. (I promise it will be waaaay easier than you are thinking and will only take 10 minutes a few days each week - you will be given drills you can do without even needing a club!)
Feel free to reach out if you want to talk golf swing and see what I think before going down the rabbit hole. 
Looking forward to helping you play better golf!

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15 Minute Swing Evaluation w/Drills

I will review your golf swing, create a video analysis w/practice routines & a path to lower scores!