I will edit and produce your videos

edit and produce your videos
edit and produce your videos

About This Gig

The professional is in the house!

So let me turn your footage into a masterpiece to share with the world, or maybe just a cool video to watch with your friends. I've directed, shot and edited videos for Def Jam, All Star Drivers Education, and The Lotus Productions. I can sequence, mix, master, and add effects to your videos, all for your spare change...

 and I tote a 5 STAR rating on Guru.com to boot.

Do it for yourself, or do it for the Vine, but do it right with videos and movies from the Lotus Productions.

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Order Details

Video Edits

Includes 1 minutes worth of sequencing, audio, etc. Perfect for slide shows, short videos and more.

5 days delivery 1 Revision