I will be your Research Assistant for 5 hours

be your Research Assistant for 5 hours

About This Gig

For this job I provide the below services:
  • Manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets
  • Maintain a calendar and set up meetings
  • Take transcription and handle correspondence ( separate gig)
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Handle billing and accounting
  • Prepare and send out e-mail newsletters
  • Send out requested information to customers
  • Handle client inquiries by phone or e-mail
Please contact me before placing an order to get information on my availability and if I am able to complete the requested work.

Please be reasonable with the amount of job that you provide for me to complete in 1 hour as if the work for on day takes up all 5 hours I will be delivering that work on that day.

Order Details

5 days delivery 2 Revisions

Research Assistant

Complete 5 hours of research within 5 days

  • 1 citation
  • 1 Hour of Work