I will help you sell your products to China for $5

/ 8 Days On Average
help you sell your products to China
help you sell your products to China

About This Gig

With nearly 1.4 billion population and increasing consumption demand ,China is definitely not the market you want to miss . But is that really difficult to sell your products to China ? Not exactly !

1, How can i export my products to China ,what about import duty ?

Ship your products to Hongkong ( all tax free), with everything included you can get your products to any destination in China at a price rate,I will give you an expamle :about 100 USD for 20 KG goods .

2, What about marketing , how can i promote my products ? 

There are multiple ways to reach your Chinese consumers online from Both PC and mobile : SEO marketing , social network marketing , content marketing and so on . 

3, Have more questions ?

Just message me   (→_→)                              

I don't accept any order without messaging me first !!

I don't help with finding clients or contacts , make sales by working on commision . It's like you're hiring a sales person without paying any salary !!!!!!!!!!!!!

$$$ There's no guarantee-sales service , at leave not this one $$$