About This Gig

Do you have a backing track, Karaoke track, praise and worship music - or anything else where the tempo or the key isn't quite to your liking. Now you can have it customized to meet your needs with NO distortion. It's so good that no one else will be able to tell the original from the changed tracked. We can even eliminate the chipmunk or munchkin effect that sometimes accompanies key change. We have worked with thousands of files over the past 5 years, in more than 100 countries world wide. All you do is tell us how many have steps (up or down) you'd like the song changed - or what percentage of the original speed you want, e.g. 97%, and I change one or the other or both for you. We will process one of the following at your request: 1 key + 1 tempo change (in the same file) 2 key changes (two separate files) 2 tempo changes (two separate files)