I will contribute and promote your crowdfunding campaign

contribute and promote your crowdfunding campaign

About This Gig

An 80% of the crowdfunding campaigns fail because they are not promoted correctly or did not reach a 30% of the needed funding within the first  days of running it.

Do you need some help for your crowdfunding campaign?  Do you want more people to know about your campaign?

For just 5$ I'll make a $1 contribution to your indiegogo, kickstarter or any other campaign of this type and share the campaign on  twitter.

I'll also leave a personal positive comment on your campaign page.

Please, note that in order to donate in Gofundme you will need an extra 5$ gig.

Boost your GoGo Factor today

Platforms like indiegogo or kickstarter work with various factors and according to the number of visits, shares, comments and funding they are featured on the first page and get automatically more funded!  

Besides, this will raise the credibitily of your campaign. People who don't know your project or cause will be more motivated to contribute and share as well.

My service is intended to break the ice and boost your ranking. You have to keep momentum and keep working hard on marketing your campaign from beginning to end. 

Thanks and luck with your campaign!