I will find suppliers or factories for you in China

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find suppliers or factories for you in China

About This Gig

Dear Clients , 

Thank you for visiting my page. 

What can i do for you?

  1. I can find suppliers/manufacturers in China then send detailed report with their contact information.
  2. I can make a sector/procedure research about your product
  3. I can negotiate for you with suppliers/manufacturers
  4. I can consult to your company based on your business model
  5. I can answer any question about business with China include law
  6. I can provide clearance of suppliers/manufacturer 
  7. I can solve your communication problems include writing business letter in Chinese
  8. I can obtain sample(s) then send to your address
  9. I can arrange your logistic operations
  10. I can brainstorm with you about your new startup project/business

I opened this gig to help your business and evaluate my free time. 


  1. I can not obtain cheap iPhone for you :)
  2. Please give me detailed information about your business before placing order. 
  3. I am not giving service for seeds,pornography,animals
  4. Please introduce yourself. At least I should know your name.
  5. I am very selective about my clients. Please do not insist to work with me if I don't want to work with you. In any case, I am going to reply to you for any of your questions.