I will pitch Correct And Edit Your Vocal

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pitch Correct And Edit Your Vocal

About This Gig

Thank you For Your Patience

Do You Have A Home Studio?

Have You Record Some of Your Vocals But You Don't Know How To Fix It??

***** Important to read Before Buying *****

Please Contact Me Before Ordering This Gig

All The FX Are Not Presets... Each Order Will Had The Special Effect That Needed.

I Will Fix Your Vocals Include:

  • Only 30 Sec Of Fix Correction.
  • Pitch Correction [Natural Or Electronic]
  • Clean From Noises [As Much As Possible]
  • Compressed & Professional Processing

Extra Gigs [10$ Each]:

  • Add Reverb & Delay To Your Voice.
  • 3:30 Min Of Fix Correction.
  • Fix Rate Your Vocal [Means It Will  Feet To Metronome Tempo]
  • Make Both Electric & Natural Fix [2 Separate Channels].
  • Make Harmonic Voice From The Original Channel.
  • Make Special Effect Channel From Your Voice [Reverse & Special Distortion].
  • Send You The Whole Channels Separate.