I will be Your Music Producer

be Your Music Producer

About This Gig

Hi There

As You Know A Good Production this days can cost A Lots Of Money. Im Offering You New Service which will Help You To Do The Next Step With Your Song, And Help You Decided If You Ready  To Spend Your Money On Big Studio Production Or Save It For Another Song.

For Free Examples - My Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tomdavidsonfiverr

In This Gig You Can Combine Any Instruments You Want To Your Song.

Instrument List [10$ Each]:

Drums / Light Percussions / Epic Drums / Strings / Guitar / Flute / Bassoon / Clarinet / Oboe / Cello / Contrabass / Organ / Synth / Horns / Trumpet / Cuban Trumpet / Trombone / Oriental Flute / Bouzouki / Oud / Kanun / And More.

Please Do Not Order Before Message ME

Prepare Before Buy For Better Results:

  • Vocal Recording [Mobile / Home Mic / Studio Recording]
  • Make Sure You Do The Record With Metronome.
  • If You Have Special Chords For Your Song Please Record it on Piano Or Guitar. If Not I Will Do It For You.

Pricing List:

  • For 5$ I Will Make A 30Sec Demo 
  • Each Instrument Will Cost 10$ Extra