I will post 50 real posts on a forum of your choice

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post 50 real posts on a forum of your choice

About This Gig

In this gig I will create an account (if necessary) and write 50 posts*, replying, commenting on and generally helping with discussion on a chosen forum of your choice. I will post proper content on said forum NOT SPAM!

And for an extra $5 I will make 20 threads on the subject of your forum!

This is a perfect gig for those who have a forum that has recently opened and need someone to help start discussions going. OR If your forum/a forum you use is slowly becoming in-active and you want it to continue! I will complete your gigs within 2 days MAXIMUM but I would usually do it within a day.

I look forward to posting on your forums! :)

*There must be threads to post in for this gig. if you are a completely new forum with no threads at all you must use the $10 gig.

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2 days delivery