I will give you music an amazing mix in 1 day

give you music an amazing mix in 1 day

About This Gig

Starting at $5, I'll mix your track using the same pro gear and with the same top quality that I use for my big clients. Mixing is adjusting the individual elements of the song relative to each other. This is where your song comes alive

NO PRESETS - your songs will get the proper individual attention they deserve!

Pricing breakdown:

  • $5 gets you a quick mix - level adjustments, EQ, and compression
  • Another $5 gets your song fully mastered
  • For another $10, I will check and edit your tracks to be in time and in tune, where necessary
  • For an another $10, I will use advanced mixing techniques and effects like reverbs/delays/choruses & more
  • Lastly, for an additional $20, I can use analog gear like compressors, tubes preamps, tape, and more

It takes a max of 7 days, but it's usually MUCH sooner. I can deliver it in 2 days for an extra $20. I can also send back mixed stems for $10.

I need multi tracks to do a mix. You're given instructions when you order on what to send and how to send it.

I work with anyone and any genre! NO TRACK OR TIME LIMITS!

Message me with any questions!