I will proof and critique your writing

proof and critique your writing

About This Gig

If you're looking for line edits AND critique, I'm your editor. 

First, I will provide high-quality line edits. That means punctuation, spelling, whether an apostrophe goes here or there. All of that is covered.

Second, I will provide in-depth critique regarding technique and story. What will editors tell you if you submit this to a magazine or online journal? What will readers say? Where are the weaknesses in your work? This critique will come in the form of a full-page letter where I will talk about what I saw in your work and explain, in detail, the methods that may or may not be used to remedy any issues.

I'm a veteran of multiple writing groups and critique styles, and you'll find my critique to be warm and friendly, and at the same time I won't shy away from helping you correct any issues you may face. I'm very good at ferreting out the issues that may be plaguing your work.

Order Details

3 days delivery

Proofread and Critique

I'll copy edit 2,000 words, and I'll provide in-depth critique relating to story and technique.

  • Up to 2000 Words
  • Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where did you learn how to do this?
    Primarily from bi-weekly Skype sessions I had with a very well-known author to correct issues in my own work. These sessions taught me a lot about writing, and they taught me even more about working with other writers.
  • Why should I pick you over someone else on this site?
    For one, my price is very competitive. But more importantly, you'll see that most editors here are only doing line edits, not providing larger feedback on things like story and technique.
  • Do you except novel excerpts? Non-fiction? Poetry?
    Yes to all. I will accept any and all forms written in English. I will even edit school papers, assuming that you're looking for writing help, not content development.
  • Do you worry that providing honest feedback will lower your seller rating?
    No. It absolutely will happen, so there's not point in worrying about it. I'll provide honest feedback, which doesn't mean cruelty, but it also doesn't mean tip-toeing around a serious issue.