I will craft and distribute a sizzling press release

craft and distribute a sizzling press release
craft and distribute a sizzling press release
craft and distribute a sizzling press release

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Description Just gimme something good. I need more than a shorty. Deluxe gig plus basic distribution.
  Short release, including research time. Unlimited revisions. "Standard" length press with full reading and research time. Unlimited revisions. Full length, research, keywords, unlimited revisions, formatted and distributed to basic service.
Press Release Ideas
Seller will research the topic for your press release
Format Press Release
Seller will format your press release and add your provided logo
Submit Press Release
Seller will submit your press release to various distribution platforms (e.g., ReleaseWire, CICION, PR Newswire)
Focus Keywords
Seller will write a press release using the amount of focus keywords indicated
8 8 8
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
unlimited unlimited unlimited
Delivery Time
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This Package includes 250 words. For each additional 150 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 500 words. For each additional 150 words, the price is $5.
This Package includes 600 words. For each additional 150 words, the price is $5.
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About This Gig

What others consider "extra" is standard here! Formatting is free. Keywords and revisions are unlimited.

"Who, what, where, why and how" is not enough, is it? To get you some attention, we'll craft a 'hook' to draw 'em in and serve up some tasty text to keep eyeballs focused on your story!

A shorty of 250 words with pop and sizzle is $10. A more "standard" release is 400 to 500 words, for $20. The Whole Hog approach for $30 is longer and includes basic distribution.

UPDATE: All of my gigs now cover basic research, such as sifting through links or Google. That's the price jump from $5 to $10 for basic service.

SUBMISSION to basic wire service is only included with the deluxe gig, otherwise it is an add-on. I hope to have a deluxe submission shortly.

NOTE +++ I regularly ask questions, which takes time. +++

===> I have changed delivery times due to too many slowdowns caused by delayed client responses. If you require rapid service, please supply answers *quickly*! 

If you must have your release extra-fast (two days), add the rapid delivery extra and give me EVERY detail possible! Any failure to supply needed info will result in delays!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast can I get a release?
    Generally three days minimum. Contact me if you need speed or get the gig extra! I ask for more than three days where possible because I often will pump you with questions. I am looking for the story behind the facts, like little personal insights you probably won't supply in advance.
  • What do I get for the higher priced package that is so different?
    More words, sure, but the billable time I can spend messaging, asking questions, researching, etc. is strictly limited. The higher priced gig allows more work, plain and simple. The more I communicate with you about your needs and the more I ask questions, the better your release gets!
  • What do you do for distribution?
    I offer this for convenience so you don't have to sign up other gigs, it's limited for now to PRBuzz, and I don't do distribution (I farm it out). I do NOT mark up this service and in fact lose $1 to offer it. It's just to save you some time. I hope to have more / larger services soon.
  • What do you do for the photo gig?
    I will do any basic retouching, color correction, including silhouettes to white, etc., for ONE image per gig extra. I've been a photo and graphics pro for decades, so I have you covered. I even have a photo montage gig here on Fiverr. Fire away!
  • Why is your "late delivery" rate so high?
    That'll get better. This gig used to be set much faster, but it was trouble. Dear fabulous client-to-be: I ask questions in order to do a better job (see the FANTASTIC reviews!) but it slows things down. I've been slow when sick or overloaded, too, but I basically take the time to get things right!