I will do any cpanel,whmcs,wordpress and webhosting tasks

do any cpanel,whmcs,wordpress and webhosting tasks
do any cpanel,whmcs,wordpress and webhosting tasks
do any cpanel,whmcs,wordpress and webhosting tasks

About This Gig

I fell in love with Linux since 2008 and began my work into sysadmin, php/bash programming, Apache/Nginx/CloudLinux, databases, CMS scripts, and web hosting tier 3 support in 2009.

This is my only gig here on FIVERR that I have which telling you about something that I'm really good at. (EXCLUSIVELY) only on FIVERR since I'm very keen to succeed becoming one of the TOP RATED SELLER here on fiverr.com!

I can help you with combination of these following technical issues:

- CDN (CloudFlare, CloudFront, etc)

To ensure you get WHAT YOU WANT, please get in touch with me first BEFORE ORDERING to discuss about the time frame and any extra gigs (if needed).

Please also note, I don't do tasks which are related to any graphics/web designs, my expertise is more into TECHNICAL (SERVER/WEBSITE) issues. Hope that helps you to decide before placing your order. Thanks so much for checking out my gig page!


Tony Ng

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you an expert ?
    Yes I am. Apart from certifications I have (mostly in LINUX & IT Security) I've been also working for many companies and businesses around the globe and have spent more than a decade in various IT roles and responsibilities.
  • How fast can you deliver a complete order ?
    I don't like to delaying things since I have many stuff to do both for freelance gigs and my daily office responsibilities. If the task is something that I can complete within half an hour you should get your complete order within few hours only.
  • Can we do it via Team Viewer ?
    It depends on how much you'd be willing to add to this order as extra. Doing it via team viewer means I have to do it right before your eyes and requires my precious hour(s) while doing it. I'll consider if the price is right.
  • Can you do web programming ?
    I do a bit of web programming but I only use it for backing up my main skillset. Web programming isn't my main skill.