I will fix your PHP site bugs, improve security and optimize it

fix your PHP site bugs, improve security and optimize it

About This Gig

I specialize in PHP, also PHP Laravel.
If you have any sort of bug, or you want to add new functionality, improve speed make your site more secure feel free to contact me.

I also work in JavaScript and jQuery extensively, so if you have problems and/or want to add new features in that part of the code I will most likely be able to provide you with what you need.

Order Details

3 days delivery unlimited Revisions

Bug fixes

Pure PHP and Laravel web site bug fixes, optimization and security improvement

  • Fix Documentation
  • Detailed Code Comments
  • Bug Investigation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you use Laravel only or you work in pure PHP?
    Yes I do work in pure PHP no frameworks have to be used.
  • Do you use any other frameworks besides Laravel?
    NO. I specialize in Laravel and from my PHP frameworks research I think it's the best one out there at this moment.
  • Do you work or are you able to do database related tasks?
    Absolutely. Most of my database work is with MySQL and PostgreSQL. I can't stress that enough of how much I think database skills are important in this job. That said I can design your database model, improve it, write stored procedures, triggers, views, complex queries and give you overall advice.
  • How skilled are you in JavaScript, jQuery and Ajax?
    Very much so. I have lots of experience with those type of tasks and I'm very quick to learn various JS libraries and start to be productive in them.