About This Gig

Tips to improve conversion on your key page.This is NOT a gig for videos of me making a product review or a testimonial. Please read carefully. Are you losing money because your webpage, squeeze page or sales page is not converting as much as it could be? What if you could have a professional copywriter, internet marketer and conversion specialist review your page and give you tips to increase conversion? It would be awesome, wouldn't it?! With this gig, I will make a screen capture video of me reviewing your page and give you anywhere from 1 to 5 improvements (depending on how much there is to improve) to make in order to increase conversions. The review will be of one page only (your most important page). The video will be more or less 5 minutes long and I'll send it to you in mp4 format. Then, all you have to do is implement the suggestions I gave you, watch your conversion rate go up and make more money in your business! When you order, make sure to give me the URL you want me to review. Also, give me details about the sources of traffic to this page.