I will fix or retouch an old damaged photograph for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
fix or retouch an old damaged photograph
fix or retouch an old damaged photograph

About This Gig

With digital cameras getting better and better and the days of physical film coming to a slow and sad end, it is inevitable that you would want to keep old photographs of loved ones from generations ago.

But unlike digital information which can be copied endlessly and printed inexpensively, those old black and white photos don't seem to be able to hold their age quite as well as they once could. What I'm offering to do is to turn back the clock and reverse as much damage as I can so that your memories may be cherished for years to come.

There ARE limitations to what I am able to do though, so please pay attention!

I can NOT restore a face that has been completely destroyed. While it isn't completely impossible in some circumstances, I do not wish to do this for you. Some light damage CAN however be fixed and I'm very happy to do this for you. 

I can NOT add detail that is not already present in the original photograph. If the original is blurry, or has areas that have completely faded from view, I am unable to restore this information.

Now, what I CAN do for you is remove scratches, dust, light water damage and/or stains, stitch a torn photo back together and fix the contrast.