I will help you in Chinese as a solution

help you in Chinese as a solution
help you in Chinese as a solution

About This Gig

With understand both Traditional and Simplified Chinese in Hong Kong and China, I will help you implement a Chinese market online research for your topics and requirements.

Please send me the questions:
1. What is your goal want to achieve?
2. What is the main market?

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2 days delivery

Provide advice in Chinese Marketing

Discuss and research the Chinese market intelligents

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you understand the difference of China market with Hong Kong?
    Hong Kong is free tax for import and export, but there are many taxation and import tax to be consider when import to China. There is a "Great" Fire Wall for China Chinese, who those who only do trading will use VPN service to reach Google or Yahoo.
  • Do you understand the differences between Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese or Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese?
    Taiwan (Speak Mandarin), Hong Kong (Speak Cantonese) are still using Traditional Chinese Characters officially. China (Speack Putonghua) using Simplified Chinese but south of China especially Canton Guangzhou speak Cantonese use Simplified Chinese. read more myopencart(dot)hk