About This Gig

"Custom Connerys"
Hilarious custom Sean Connery voice overs.
It's always a good idea. 

$5 = 60 WORDS 
**total word count : word counter [dot] net 

Look, it's real simple: 

  1. English only (unless you can work with me)
  2. One .WMA file 
  3. 1 "GIG" = 60 words

Personal Guarantee: It will be great. No matter how many times it takes to get you the best Sean Connery voice over.  

I'm not Sean Connery. I WONT SAY HIS NAME!  

Sean Connery Voice work : commercials, IVR systems, radio, TV, audio books, explainer videos, wedding sendoff's, pranks, birthdays, software, DJ shout outs, podcast intros

I am a Professional Voice Over Artist:  You're paying $5.00.  Close your eyes and just imagine that for a second. 

Try to relax with your overly demanding radio/tv/ad spots.
  If you're intelligent enough to understand brand, then I expect you to be smart enough understand budget. Just be realistic, please.  Thank you!

If you have questions just ask. Songs, videos, or musical special requests just cost extra. 

The gift of comedy, is the gift of laughter, is the gift of love.  Now, go forth, buying and spread cheer!

Yours truly..
Con Seannery, the 1st 

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