I will create a SUPERB WhiteBoard Animation 4 Sales

create a SUPERB WhiteBoard Animation 4 Sales

About This Gig


For $5, include:

  • Creative imagination with Figures, Images, People or whatever you want to send me.
  • I have a bunch of awesome music for attract viewers [1) Happy  2)Epic  3) Beats   4) Classical  5)Piano]
  • If you have voiceover, I can sync with the video. *No extra payments
  • I can create a video with your script (less 150 words). 
  • You can tell me if you want to put shadows in the corners of the video, to show more elegance *Free
  • Size of 720x480 pixel.
  • As a default, I have white background with naked hand.

Free Alternatives:

  • Change background color (Solid, pattern image or gradient color)
  • Change type of hand (Naked white hand, business hand, lady luxury hand, teenager hand, naked black hand , business black hand) .
  • Black & White final.
  • Size of 1280x720 pixel.

*If you want to change the default parameters to one of the Free Alternatives, please send me a msg with your parameters.

Check out my extras:

  • $5= If you need longer duration (More than 3 minutes).
  • $10= Less than 24 hours Delivery.
  • $10= Create the Script for your video.
  • $10= Video size of 1920x1080 pixel in HD .
  • $15= Fast delivery +HD
  • $20= Intro* +whiteboard

*= Go to my channel, I have several FANCY Intro's

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