I will tweet 15 times to 54k

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Reviewed by rfmgmanagement almost 3 years ago
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Reviewed by jsunner about 3 years ago
407 hits 76% unique so far traffic still coming in.
Reviewed by notpit over 3 years ago
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Reviewed by estevao over 3 years ago
This is a great gig and was completed super fast
Reviewed by jerrywoudstra over 3 years ago
Super awesome, thanks!
Reviewed by movingahead about 3 years ago
Great, thanks!
Reviewed by jovankaciares over 3 years ago
Best gig for the money. I have used this vendor many times. Very reliable and always gets the job done
Reviewed by brutus11 over 3 years ago
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Reviewed by firstpac58 over 3 years ago
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Reviewed by firstpac58 over 3 years ago
Looking like a good purchase!!!
Reviewed by jabberwocky2600 over 3 years ago
Quick & slick!
Reviewed by simfri over 3 years ago
Thank you for all your help!!! will buy again!
Reviewed by iankane8891 over 3 years ago
Nicely done! Thank you!
Reviewed by jackjsnow over 3 years ago
nice !! :)
Reviewed by portilla_1 over 3 years ago
Great service - thanks
Reviewed by byujc2000 over 3 years ago
Great service as always - thanks!
Reviewed by byujc2000 over 3 years ago
good work
Reviewed by jasonbrownaus over 3 years ago
Fabulous. Will hire again and again. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by evepaludan over 3 years ago
Thank so much!
Reviewed by sbg101 over 3 years ago
tweet 15 times to 54k

About This Gig

PLEASE READ before ordering!

Have a message, news, ad, video, url, or FB page to share?

  • I will schedule your message 15 times spread randomly for exposure over the course of 20-30 days (once a day with a few empty days to avoid being spammy).
  • IMPORTANT: The delivery? You can see the tweets by following my twitter account or by searching a hashtag, etc. To view any hits/performance of any link you provide - you will need to setup analytics or a hit counter for your URL. Please note: I DO NOT SEND LINKS OF THE TWEETS - please view my account or use a search. If this is not OK - please do not order!
  • My twitter is a legit account (@tmoreira) that I have been using for well over 5 years that has followers I interact with & now has nearly 50k sent and Klout of 70+.
  • Give this gig positive feedback and get 10 more as a thanks!

* Bonus is scheduled after the initial 30 days as to not spam.  The right to stop sending your message is reserved if your url/link/content, etc. is found/reported to be spam/a scam/fraudulent/objectionable/illegal, etc. by my followers.