I will write TWO Testimonials for Your Website or Blog

write TWO Testimonials for Your Website or Blog

About This Gig

I'll be able to create two well-written testimonials for your product, service, or company. Simply send me the relevant information, and I'll have them sent to you through a Microsoft Word attachment. Each testimonial will be around 150 words. I currently work in internet marketing, so I'll be able to provide effective testimonials that are catered to your target demographic. 

As someone who has a wealth of experience in this field, you will need testimonials that sound legitimate and natural. You can be confident in the fact that each testimonial will be extremely effective, unique, of a high-quality, and will cater to your target demographic. 

***Too many "reviews" sound fake and unnatural. I'll make sure that the testimonials that I send to you sounds completely authentic! Check out the Extras to have one placed directly on the website!