I will call you to have a chat about Paris for $5

/ 29 Days On Average
call you to have a chat about Paris
call you to have a chat about Paris

About This Gig

You can get a lot of info in a travel book and a couple Google searches, but having a chat with a local can help you go beyond the obvious and make your Parisian experience unique!

I'm French and I've been living in Paris for more than 30 years. I have been very active in the expat community here and often host and advise travelers.

I'll call you on your landline or mobile (US and Canada), or skype you if you're in another country. I'll provide you with several options for date and time.

We'll have a 5-10 minutes chat about my beautiful city!

PS: I will provide within 3 days a list of possible time slots within the following week. Duration of the gig is 29 days to allow more flexibility on your side (ordering in advance).