I will install and configure OpenCart in your web host or VPS

Fantastic Work again by Touchtype - honest, reliable and on time - I have a sense of relief every time Touchtype takes on a project as I know it will be done correctly and professionally. A service you can depend on.
Reviewed by nicu1978 3 months ago
So professional, has given fantastic guidance and support throughout every project. It is a pleasure to work with Touchtype, and I could not recommend high enough.
Reviewed by nicu1978 3 months ago
Had a great experience working with touchtype. Fast and accommodating. Very professional from start to finish. I am very happy and would definitely use again. Many thanks.
Reviewed by raverhk about 1 year ago
Excellent Lightning fast service. 2 Thumbs up. Will use them again. Thank you
Reviewed by feroze777 over 1 year ago
Cannot praise touchtype enough. The communication was excellent, the work was excellent and the speed to delivery was excellent. Will definitely use him again and urge you too.
Reviewed by peter_asj almost 2 years ago
Reviewed by greensmoking over 2 years ago
Touchtype From first day was very helpfully and advice with every step with my new develop on-line store I really recommend him as professional very friendly Hard working Person on your behalf:)
Reviewed by marcineko5 over 2 years ago
Great service, over delivered, highly recommended
Reviewed by projects_master over 2 years ago
Great job, Very happy with the results. Will hire again!! Thank you
Reviewed by laciera almost 3 years ago
Reviewed by greensmoking over 2 years ago
Super!!! Gary works efficient and reliable his been very helpful to me and patient:) Thank you so much Gary for a job well done! I will order more gig.
Reviewed by cherie1 almost 3 years ago
TouchType did an exceptional job. After we fixed the cpanel configurations and provided him with the logins to make changes.... he completed his side of the job EXCELLENTLY! I will definitely be using his services in the future.
Reviewed by andre_12r almost 3 years ago
Great experience! I will re-hire soon!.
Reviewed by aperent over 3 years ago
The seller is awesome. He did more than he stated in his gig description and went all the way out to satisfy me. I can't recommend any other seller but him. Thanks touchtype!
Reviewed by kollyshow83 over 3 years ago
Reviewed by bbchas over 3 years ago
Thank for you for analysis and recommendation on the plugins! Top quality.
Reviewed by sydney2012 over 3 years ago
Thank you for cloning my membership site, it went very well. I am impressed again how multi-skilled you are!
Reviewed by sydney2012 over 3 years ago
install and configure OpenCart in your web host or VPS
install and configure OpenCart in your web host or VPS
install and configure OpenCart in your web host or VPS

About This Gig

I will do a fresh install/setup of OpenCart in your hosting account or VPS.

$10 for cPanel based install, $35 for VPS based install (you must have installed LAMP already).

Also doing the following as Gig Extras:
  • shipping and payment option setup
  • geozone/localization setup
  • banner setup and module settings
  • Theme Installation (supplied by you)

You can use this Gig too, to transfer/move/duplicate your Open Cart website to another domain/host/folder/location. Just use the Gig's EXTRA

Contact me if you have other requirements.
This Gig has been setup to 3 Days Delivery period, but It actually depends on your work requirement. Like how large your work requirements are.

I'm able to respond to inquiries and start working from
7:00 AM - 12 AM
Time Zone - GMT+8