About This Gig

Hi and Welcome!

I create realistic hand drawn illustrations using ballpoint pens. I love working in this medium because of its simplicity and the freedom it allows in creating realistic and highly detailed artwork. 

So what makes this gig different from others on Fiverr?

It's all hand drawn!
The value of a hand drawn illustration is always more than a digitally manipulated image. 

Its Unique!
It takes up to 4 hours to finish each illustration with a lot of attention to detail making every artwork one of its kind.

People are loving the end results and you can see it in the reviews.

This gig is perfect if you are looking for illustrations for books, brochures, t-shirts, website, fliers or simply as a gift for someone.

Terms of service :

  1. Only objects and landscape illustrations please. I do not draw human or animal figures.
  2. A basic $5 gig provides 800x600 black and white illustration at 72 dpi
  3. One gig for one object.
  4. Background in the  image will not be drawn.
  5. Color will be added digitally(with Gig Extra).
  6. For more than 1 revision, please order the revision extra below

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

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