I will perform a powerful LOVE ritual

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perform a powerful LOVE ritual

About This Gig

Aengus is the god of love and soulmates and is said to have lived at new grange, one of the oldest standing structures in the world. 

It is said that he first saw his wife Caer in a dream and after a year long search he found her.  It was not that simple though as with most things in life, love does not come without effort. Caer was transformed into a swan together with more than 100 other maidens. Aengus did not give up and called out for Caer, eventually finding her. When he found her he turned into a swan himself and they flew off together singing a beautiful song which lulled all who heard it into a sleep of 3 days and 3 nights.

Those who ask for his help find that romance, passion and harmony start filtering into their life filling their heart with love which helps them to attract their soulmate or infuse passion into an existing relationship.

I will invoke Aengus in a POWERFUL love ritual and prayer.

I have found love through his power and he has also got me through some rough patches. Order today and see the results in your love life.  2x1 offer  - buy this gig and get any of my other free