I will translate up to 500 words from Spanish to English

translate up to 500 words from Spanish to English

About This Gig

I am an English teacher with a Master's Degree in Education and a Minor in Spanish. I've been translating professionally for 5+ years.

I will translate up to 500 words of written Spanish to English for 1 Gig.

All translations will be done manually.  I don't use any kind of auto-translate software.

This means that my translations are:
> Accurate
> Thorough
> Professional
> Revised

As an English teacher, my education in the English language is quite extensive.  I will provide a clean, accurate, thoroughly revised translation with correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.

I began studying Spanish at 6-years old, and have native-like fluency.  I have lived with Spanish speakers and have University level education in the language.  

I can accurately translate complex grammar structures.  I'm also comfortable with different types of jargon, slang, academic language or medical terminology.  Foul language does not offend me either, so whatever challenge you have, bring it on!

If you have an unusual request, a job that's larger than 500 words, or any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me before requesting the gig, and I'll get back to you right away.  

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2 days delivery
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