I will read your screenplay and provide feedback

read your screenplay and provide feedback

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Description Read the first act... ... read the whole thing... ... or do a deep dive
  I'll read the set up of your story... ... I'll get to the end... ... or I'll give detailed notes on every story beat.
Feedback is suggestions about how a text's style, content and readability can be improved.
Delivery Time 3 days 5 days 7 days
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About This Gig

I've been a Hollywood screenwriter, development exec, and creative consultant... I've given feedback to professional writers at all levels... after evaluating thousands of scripts, I know how to make good work great! Here's what I'm offering:

Basic: I'll read your first act and provide notes on your characters and set-up for your story... with an added bonus: If I really like where things are going, I'll keep reading until you lose me, and then I'll let you know my thoughts about your script up to that point (including why I stopped). 

Standard: I'll read your whole script  -- whether I'm hooked or not -- and provide general thoughts on how you can improve it.

Premium: I'll give you the sort of detailed notes I provide showrunners and producers.