I will find you the cheapest destination to fly to from your home

find you the cheapest destination to fly to from your home

About This Gig

Feel like travelling ? Don't know where TO ? Do you think you cannot afford it ?

A. Let me know your home destination, area or country and I will list you places where you can fly cheapest in a given time or just anytime from now !

B. Specify your desired final destination or country and I will find you at least 3 alternative itineraries (with date and times) to get there for as little money as possible.

Discover the opportunities that my unique flight searching tools provide! Let me use my special algorithm that combines all low cost and classic airlines to provide you with unique routes, often 50 to 90% cheaper than the existing offer on the market.

Plan your new trip and discover the world!

How do we find your final destionation or specific flights ?

1. Provide me with your home, nearest or desired airport and time when you can travel

2. I will undertake deep and intensive search for flights everywhere

3. I will send you
A: a list of cheapest destinations where you can fly to
B: at least 3 best flight solutions for your desired destination

All with current fares and interactive maps online.

Please note this gig is for economy/coach flights. Flight availability and prices can change.