I will turn Your Idea Into ART

turn Your Idea Into ART
turn Your Idea Into ART

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Description Tier 1 Tier 2 Drawing (w/ or w/o color)
  Cheap, almost like stick figures but with more detail. No backgrounds. Standard Pricing, look more like people or animals. Send me a picture of someone and I will make a lovely artistic rendering of said person. Not Cheap.
Commercial Use
Commercial Use is the use of a delivery for any business related use intended for profit.
Full Body
This illustration features a figure's entire body.
Add flair to your illustration with full color.
The number of figures (for example, people/objects) included in the illustration.
2 3 1
The number of tweaks the seller includes.
0 1 1
Delivery Time 2 days

About This Gig

To put it simply, it's art. The first tier is a single-panel stick-figure comic, which will feature 1 or 2 characters and either one word bubble or a caption in quotes beneath it.

Tier 2 is more of a cartoon-style comic, with characters who look more human or more like animals, at your discretion. Tier 2 is the same concept as Tier 1, in which it is your idea illustrated, but there are no more than 2 word bubbles, or a caption. However, the caption can also be included with the word bubbles.

Drawing (w/ or w/o color) is completely separate from the first two. Here, I will need you to send me a picture of a person, place or object you would like drawn or painted. I will then make a nice drawing of them, complete with coloring, at your discretion.