I will change elements of your photos


About This Gig

Ever wanted to slim down your look in a photo? How about add a tattoo that you don't really have? Maybe you'd like to change your eye color? I can handle these things and much more. Here are the complete list of options for photo alteration that I am offering in this gig or the available extras to go along with it:

Eye color change
Slim your body 
Add a black and gray tattoo to your image
Make a daytime photo look like night
Give you pale skin
Make a still flag look like it's blowing
Create a satin fabric background
Make text look as if it is either dripping or melting
Add elements such as fog, fire, smoke...to the image

Please note: Before ordering, please confirm that I can do what you are looking for because some of these options have limitations.

For example, eyes colors are limited, body slimming must be of a photo facing straight ahead, if you provide a tattoo it must have a solid white background, night time images cannot have a sky in the background, pale skin applies to Caucasians only, adding elements works best with solid backgrounds.