I will write a music composition

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write a music composition
write a music composition
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About This Gig

Need music written for a special event such as a wedding, birthday party, or maybe a concert? Or how about just to show off to your friends?
       Well with a strong musical background, for only $5 I can write a composition for you in any genre you want. From Christmas to classical to modern pop music, you could have all your musical imaginations turned into to a song that is guaranteed to wow an audience. Even if your a beginner, I will write you a composition that is simple to play, but has the sound of something years ahead of your grade level.

The standard composition consists of one instrument and up to 30 seconds of composition.

Instruments Compositions Can be Written for
-Alto Saxophone
-Tenor Saxophone
-Bass Guitar

Gig Extras
-Deliver your gig in just 2 days
-Send you a copy of the song in either a pdf. or .ogg file
-Add another instrument to the composition
-Add an extra 30 seconds of song