I will share a recipe for cardamom tea that healed my depression

share a recipe for cardamom tea that healed my depression

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This delicious happy cardomom tea is both rich, sweet, with a little spicy. 

I created this recipe in a time of desperation where I wasn't willing to go down route of pharmaceuticals and really needing a quick and simple pick me up. I had dabbled with alcohol, drugs, and pharmaceuticals as ways to alleviate my issues but the side effects wern't at all to be desired (suprise, suprise.) I started researching and testing out natural herbal remedies and found certain herbs to work very well for uplifting my mood without any side effects; just 100% bliss.

And so my happy cardomom tea was born. It contains 12 all natural easy to acquire ingredients. The flavor is inspired by india; sweet, a little spicy, and very delicious! 

Please note that I am not a healthcare professional. Please speak with your healthcare provider before trying herbal treatments for depression and anxiety. Also note that each bodies chemistry is different and although this tea has worked beautifully for me it may not for you. Please also note that the quality of your ingredients is extremely important I recommend organic ingredients from a trusted source.

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Delicious sweet healing tea recipe

This beautiful frangrant cardamom healing tea has helped heal my depression and anxiety.