I will proofread and copy edit your writing

proofread and copy edit your writing
proofread and copy edit your writing
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About This Gig

In college, my nickname was Conan the Grammarian. Take advantage of that!

The basic gig is 1000 words for $5. Enter the number of words in the Word Count blank for base pricing. For rush jobs or jobs over 4000 words, please contact me first for availability.

The gig is proofreading. Generally, if the writing isn't broken,* I won't fix it. If instead you want re-writing for better expression, no problem! Order the appropriate gig extra(s). Hover over the question marks for descriptions!

You'll get your choice of a Microsoft Word or rich-text-format (.RTF) document with "Track Changes" (redlining) enabled. You'll also receive a finalized corrected document with all redlining removed.

I proofread for


  • typographical errors
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • style (e.g., contractions are generally fine in commercial and fiction writing, but they aren't—make that "are not"—in formal writing)
  • other items, based on extras you order.

I will not proof hate speech or anything reasonably calculated to lead to civil or criminal liability. Thanks, and I look forward to working with you.


*"Broken" means that there is an error in the writing for which I could cite to a source as to why it is an error.

Order Details

Proofread and copyedit your writing

I will proofread and provide redlined copyediting for your writing, plus any extras you want.

2 days delivery